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As part of the effort to tackle fly-tipping, Fly-tipping Action Wales have recently re-launched our It’s Your Duty to Care | Eich Dyletswydd Chi yw Gofalu campaign. Created in partnership with Welsh Government, the campaign urges householders in Wales to always check for a waste carrier license on the Natural Resources Wales website before employing any person or company to remove excess rubbish from their property.

Over 70% of fly-tipped waste in Wales contains unwanted household items and rubbish, most often, this is the result of a householder unknowingly putting their excess household waste into the hands of a fly-tipper.

Fly-tipping is a serious crime, which poses an immediate threat to the environment, animals, local communities, and our beautiful Welsh landscapes. So, as ever, we are keen to continue working alongside our partners and stakeholders, like yourselves, to help tackle fly-tipping in Wales and to increase public awareness around prevalent waste crimes.

If householders do not carry out these necessary checks and their waste is found fly-tipped, they can now be fined £300 and risk prosecution for not following their Household Waste Duty of Care.

Furthermore, the return of the campaign coincides with a rising concern (shared by local authorities in Wales), over an increase in illegitimate waste carriers posing as registered household waste removal services on social media. These people often advertise low prices to entice customers and dupe people into believing they are licenced services who will dispose of household waste legally and responsibly. In reality, the collected rubbish is later fly-tipped in fields, country lanes or along roadsides, putting the householder who paid and arranged for the service at risk of being fined £300.

While this has remained a concern for many years, it is feared that this waste crime has become even more common since the outbreak of COVID-19, with many rouge traders taking advantage of lockdown restrictions and householders who feel too anxious to leave their homes during these unprecedented times.

Please support our efforts by downloading our official It’s Your Duty to Care | Eich Dyletswydd Chi yw Gofalu campaign toolkit, which contains a selection of useful resources for use across your owned channels.

Let’s combat fly-tipping together.